I tried dancing a pair of people and it came out!

Hello, everyone is a cheerful assistant.

This time, I will dance a twin unit unit’s panchira

I would like to introduce it!


The first pair is here!


It is a two-person unit that got dressed like an idol in earnest.

Is this costume yourself?

I am wearing cute costumes,

It will tightly pan! (* ‘▽ `*)




Moreover, the cute one told me to pan!

It is no doubt that this is raw bread! It is! It is! (^ ^)

I do not know a bit about the article,

I made it a color that matches costumes.

Was it planned to show from the beginning? Lol


Then we will go to the second one! It is!


Two people singing “The return home and student council”.

It will be no doubt that the left is the return home and the right is the student council. Lol

After playfully playing in the early stage with the Pocky’s CM,

The production starts. Lol

And, if you say the pants are important,



Afterwards the person in the return home showed off! It is!

It is pink!

I feel a little bigger size,

Because it’s awesome, aside from bad image quality

Let’s inflate the image and use it. Lol

This time is over! Thank you very much (^ ^)




If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)


無修正動画配信 ZIPANG-ジパング

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