[Three] The daughters who swayed by being too soft when dancing!

Hi everyone who love soft erotic!


Recently, the Inada Defense Minister seems to be a bit erotic

The strike zone is spreading, it is Kikusuke of the manager. (^ ^)


This time it is too soft “girls who shook” girls

I think I will introduce you! (^ ^ ♪


Well then!



【Ginto】 Panda Hero 【danced】


The first movie is “Ginto”.

I think that it was probably a previous movie.



There is a reasonable size and the choreography is intense,

It keeps shaking all the time. (* ‘▽ `*)





【Kouta】 Oiaia ★ Night of Designer I tried to dance


The second one is a cute “Kouta” like a little bird with a mask on.


When the mask is removed. . .

Let’s stop imagining. Lol


Everything is a delicate girl,

It seems that unobtrusive things are swinging with pulp! (* ‘▽ `*)


There is a high kick while modestly ☆




And it is bare feet! Lol

It was not an ordinary knee high! It is!




【Potiteux】 Suite Magic I tried dancing


The third one is “two potatoes”.



That? I have seen this girl somewhere! Is it?


Although it is very minor,

It is a movie that can be enjoyed. Lol


This is over with this time. Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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