4K high school student cheerleur video is too erotic


Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


Currently my body is maddening with whole body muscle pain …

What on earth? What?

That is a secret. . . (> _ <)


Well it’s not a big deal to keep secret. Lol


Well, this time I’d like to introduce Cheer videos to everyone.

If I make such a move I will not end up with muscle pain. Lol


Well then! !




【4K】 Omuta High School Cheer Girl

It is a video of everyone of “Omuta High School Cheer Girl” as the title! !

High school student cheerle best! !


I am always indebted to this upright Mr.! Thanks! (゚ ∀ ゚)

And under the skirt is Burma! !

It’s already too perfect! ! (* ‘▽ `*)


And speaking of cheer is a high kick! Speaking of high kicks, the more you say Cheer,

Even if you cut it you can not be separated! (^ ^ ♪


Even though it is cheerful, if you do not have a high kick, you will want to claim it! (Exaggerated)

The second daughter from the right is very cute! (* ‘▽ `*)












The streaks are not clean, beautifully, are you striking well! !

I did not need honest love dance. Lol


That’s it! Thank you very much! (^ ^)





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