It is a movie that I tried dancing with a relatively low age

Hello, everyone is a cheerful assistant.

In this time, we will introduce a relatively low-

I’d like to introduce you! It is!

For those with a lower strike zone,

Please take a look.


The first video is here.

It is Aika chan.

At first it is a bit far away – is not it? Is it? I am in a position,

It gradually approaches while dancing.

And this shot at turn!




Although a little image quality is inferior,

I will show off to every navel (# ^^ #)

Er, ♪ ~!

It’s a very good slender!


Well, I will go to the next video.


I do not hear it, so I will be honest.

It is the appearance of girls who boasted quite a bit of kimo! Lol

Though it is a buzz,

This child turns up the skirt by myself,

Show me the pants! It is!

You get interested in it, do not you?

We prepared that image.




Right? Is not it nice?

Even during this movie alone, she will show off her pants many times.

Even if it is cheap, okay if there is body and youth! It is!

Please give me a wild idea by all means! (^ ^)

Then I think I want to go back to the 3rd after taking care of it.


Next time my preference changes, it becomes a science movie.

Unfortunately because it is wearing half pants,

Panchira does not seem to be able to expect. (T_T)

Well, especially the left child T – shirt article is very thin,

Black bra is transparent!



Did not you wash 100 times?

Because it is a thin cloth, black bra is visible throughout the whole day! (* ‘▽ `*)

If you are through this far, bra is also a good one!

This time I will excuse myself. Goodbye! (^ ^)




If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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