[Aro] a tall dancer’s legs are dazzling!

Hello everyone!

It is Kisuke who becomes disgusted and becomes sick with high probability when the work is a day off! Lol

The movies we will introduce to you this time,

It is “Special” featured! (^ ^)

This girl is tall and fucked feet are beautiful! It is!

So, when you watch the movie, you can take your legs carefully,

It is how to enjoy Kiyosu recommendation that you see as licking! Lol

eh? What is it? Is it?

Nobody is looking so it’s okay! Lol

Let’s go to the first one ☆




[A little early? 】 Dive to Blue I tried dancing [Aro]


First of all, this is a video ☆

It is too beautiful land slimy growth from the show pan! (# ^^ #)

Unfortunately we can not expect a pan,

Let’s concentrate on enjoying your legs thoroughly! Lol




how is it?

You have wonderful feet! It is! (^ ^ ♪

Flow of dirty river in the forest building,

You live pretty well in the city! (^ ^)

I imagined that it was a child in the countryside without permission! Lol

I will go to the next video!



【Gravity = Reality】 I tried dancing 【First Sailor】


This time, I wear a sailor uniform and it is appearing! (* ‘▽ `*)

Sailor and knehai look good on you!

But, I have a long and long leg Lady this girl. (* ‘▽ `*)




Under the skirt is also wearing perfect bloomers,

That’s one of my favorite factors! (* ‘▽ `*)

It is very good that you can see the skirt and turn up your jacket! It is!

My son will react with Piku! Lol

So the next video!


【Aro×Myupu】 Happy life carnival I tried dancing 【traffic light】


This time it comes out with 3 people unit!

Did you know that traffic lights were minor idols?

The goodness of the style of three having a person stands out even more! (^ ^)

Besides, her skirt is just a little transparent! (* ‘▽ `*)

It is a wonderful production! It is!






And again with Burma,

She will show off her shirt in the skirt! It is!

It is good (^ ^ ♪

I will go to the 4th movie!



【Bangs】 Napo Napoli Turn match I tried to dance [Aro]


This time it appeared in yellow skirt ☆

The degree of transparency is further improved than the blue skirt just before! (* ‘▽ `*)

We are in a state where black bloomers are always visible! (^ ^ ♪



HM. This is totally erotic! It is!

I can say that it is the best number 1 in Nan chan video




Because the wind is strong, just a hand hitting on the skirt makes me swollen!

This bloomer is transparent

I will tell you! It is! (^ ^ ♪

“It’s similar to Hayashiya Tompei!”

Oops! I will not forgive you bad mouth! It is! Lol

I love Kosuke from a nice body and erotic! (^ ^)

There is not enough of the panchira ingredients-!

It seems that you can hear a voice, so I will introduce another one daughter! (^ ^)



【Soldier mochi. 】 I tried dancing at VIVA HAPI 【Kashiwamachi. 】


It is a combination of sesame mochi and rice kimchi.

You surely feel the touch you touched! Lol

Left is overlapping black bread so there is no use, high.

♪ we are a wonderful movie called raw bread while the right girl is cute ♪

The image capturing the moment is here! It is!




And silo! It is!

It’s a nice word with cute patterns in it! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

I had a nice thing!

····Thanks for the meal! (* ‘▽ `*)

This time I will do it more than this! goodbye. (^ ^)


This article is recommended for those who read this article.

【Pramo】 The topic is that you can masturbate your local idol’s legs!

【Gcolle】Recommended works of Kisuke【Meister original Vol.290・548・579】




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Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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