I tried dancing a super cute child and I saw it

Hello everyone, this is Kikusuke of the manager.



I saw it when I danced this time ,,,,


This child is also famous, is not it!

Why do not you be too cute this child?

How do you feel?

Below I am wearing something like Bloomers,

Still, I can go for 5 cups of rice.



As you can see carefully that such a cute child has no hail,

It is a good era.

As contemporary society has many problems

Although it is said,

I did not throw it away! Lol

It is a movie located in the highest rank without complaint in Kiyosuke.


It is the next video! It is!


This dress is also nice!

Because it is a little heavy skirt,

When the dancer turns it will rise to a nice touch.



Every time I turn the skirt lifted …

I can not concentrate on dance at all! It is!

The nice thing about this child is,

Move strongly violently, Bullma to ass meat

It’s a place that I’m digging in. (* ‘▽ `*)

Style is nice and knee high is dazzling.

It seems that the hair is slightly moist,

Is it so young that it contains plenty of moisture?

Thanks to this kid for providing stable high-quality videos every time! It is!


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