I tried to dance a super cute child Part 2

Hello everyone. It is Kikusuke of the manager.

It is the second that I saw a super cute child dancing.

I will introduce the movie Kikusu first met with this girl.

When I started this child I saw that visual

So it was a considerable impact work.

It is cute enough to die!

First of all, here.


how is it? Is not it a rush?

It is the best work for the first encounter!

The movement is also crispy!

There are also (· ∀ ·) good !!



And this ass meat!

Just watching it is already a huge place (^ ^)

If you say it in the real world like this, it is too kimo! Lol

How many people are indebted to this child in Japan?

I do not know what song it was, but it was a heavy song!


It is the 2nd movie.


I am wearing uniforms like cosplay,

As usual it is stable cute! It is!

There is something on the left, but I do not enter the sight at all. (I’m sorry if you like me.

I do not really understand the time series of videos,

It seems that the feeling of volume of the foot is increasing, because I took a bit older.



However, as good as usual service (· ∀ ·) good !!

What is it! It is!

I wanted such a classmate when Kisuke was going to school (T_T)


The third one is here.


Maliciousness is felt in the thumbnail of YouTube uploader! Lol

This time we will send you in three pieces.

As sold in the former Don Quijote,

It is different from the cosplay uniform and appeared as a genuine uniform.

I often hear Mr wonderboy,

We will show off the dance with songs that you do not know what song. Lol

One point of black high-socks is good!



Well, this time I was thinking that I was going to enjoy bloomers this time.

Then, white! It is! Is it?

Since there was an inner in the skirt this time,

Although I could not see much despite the great wind,

This is not pants, is it?

I am slightly disappointed. . .

However, cute is as usual and 3 cups of rice (^ ^)

Well then, let’s meet again!



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Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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