Small tits and color tights are very cute videos I tried dancing!

Hello, everyone who loves panchira!

It is irresistibly selfish to hate summer and winter,

It is Kikusuke of the manager. (^ ^)

This time I will introduce a thin bust that is attractive,

Color tights This is a video of a girl dancing.

I love black tights, of course,

Is there color scarcity and its scarcity, too?

I feel quite appealing.

I think there are various colors such as yellow, red, gray and blue,

Every color has different charm, it is very good. (^ ^ ♪

Let’s go to the video introduction.


【Chu-tou】 Sweetiex2 I tried to dance 【Sea bream】

This time the movie is two of you here.

Both of us are cute, but also to those wearing the color tights on the left

Your eyes have gone by all means. (^ ^)



The skirt is caught in the color tights on the way and it becomes a mysterious slit state.

I wonder if it is a slippery material. (^ ^)



It is very sexy ♪

I am very anxious how the back of the slit is!







Under the skirt which rose in fluff at the turn

Pale white pants are transparent through thin tights and deep inside! (゚ ∀ ゚)

Wow wonderful! It is!

You can also say that this thinness is the real pleasure of tights ♪




The front desk is a bit dark and hard to understand.

There are also different videos of these girls, but here it guards the panchiras with a blur.

Sorry! It is!

【Youtube】 I tried dancing 【sea bream】


This is over with this time. Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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