[Pcolle] Introduction of Recommended Recommended Videos [BORMAN]

Hello, it is Kisuke of management people.

I will introduce you this time,

It is a personal video sales site called “Pcolle (peacore)”,

It’s like the name “Gcolle”! Lol

Somewhat aggravated the selling agreement of Gecore a little while ago,

It seems that the sellers of Gecko are moving to Peacore’s direction a lot.

From the viewer side of the movie,

Even whichever it is, as long as you see a good thing! Lol

Then, “BORMAN” of the big seller who moved to that peacock,

I will introduce the work! It is! (^ ^)



“Japanese title”  通学中に何度も撮られるJCちゃんClick here for details


how is it? Is it?

It’s nice at the time of the image! It is! (^ ^ ♪

This person knows this [cute] model,

I am shooting for days! It is!

So you can see many kinds of daily pants!

It is a great deal of sense! (^ ^)

It is a sticky photo shoot ♪

Thinking a little calmly, I thought ,,,


(゚ Д ゚;) Whee


Shut tremble. Lol

However, since this is a voyeur shoot image image only,

Do not worry there! Lol

The! Fiction video,

Please relax and have fun at your best place! (^ ^ ♪

The price is “1,200 yen”

If you like this age you can get enough original. (^ ^)


通学中に何度も撮られるJCちゃんClick here for details



There is a countdown for 2 hours limited publication movie which I tried dancing. It is!

PC scrolls to the upper right of the screen and smartphone to the bottom! It is!



Well then let’s meet again! goodbye! It is! (^ ^)




If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

無修正動画配信 ZIPANG-ジパング

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