It is an event video of 6 people minor idol

It is a video introduction of 6 person minor idols “Candy Kiss”.

In the movie introduced this time, six people are doing well in the event,

Since then, the number of members has decreased from six people to three,

On August 11, 2016 seems to have put an end to the five-year activity period.

Did not new members gather?

What a lonely story, is not it (> _ <)

Although it seems that some CDs were on sale, I seem to have slowly dropped my sales.

Under such circumstances may not have motivation.


Candy Kiss “Koisuru Candy Kiss”

2:05 2:11

The purple child is so cute! !

The place where the hillahira of the upper costumes is turned over and over is better (* ‘▽ `*)

生パンツ ハミパン JK アイドル 1080p

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