【Chia Proposal】 It is highly erotic and erotic that a smart head is smart!

Hello everyone!

The child who is going to a smart university is terrible erotic! It is!

It is Kikusuke of a manager who is saying selfish things. (^ ^)

This time we introduce the video of “Tokyo Rokka College Cheering Team” channel!

Mu! What a strange channel name! I thought,

Looking at the video list …

Do not you see erotic videos only! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

“The habit is amazing!” Of the gap between the channel name and the video

It is an introduction of the movie of the person! It is! (; ‘∀ `)



The University of Tokyo “Supporting Department” Cheerleader @ The University of Tokyo Festival ① 2015 05 17


It is a thumbnail full of smiles! It is! (^ ^)

It looks healthy and it is very good! (^ ^ ♪




Beginning from a great giant throwing thoroughly as quickly as possible! It is!



I’m lifting up to the height! It is!

I guess it ‘s scary on the top – (゚ Д ゚;)

Grasp, looking up from below to become a role to lift! It is! Lol



This child is quite muscular, but a bit,

It is cute like “Shida Mirai” chan! (* ‘▽ `*)

And did you realize something with the first high kick,

Zoom suddenly to this girl with a second high kick! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)




I can see it! It is! It is!

From what a bit of bloomers

Cute pants have come out Hami! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

However, this timing and good shooting method is good,

What a photographer is capable … …

I think that you will understand when you watch the movie,

Even from the perspective of Kisuke who is not familiar with the camera at all,

I understand how good you are! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

As expected it will be the leadership section! Lol


The University of Tokyo “Supporting Department” Cheerleader @ Tokyo Univ. Festival ③ 2015 05 17


Next will be number 3 of the same movie.

Of course there was also No. 2, but the model is also there,

I did not have any particular highlights and I will let you avoid it. Lol

At the beginning of the video we seek because it is a cheering team wearing a school run! Lol

In this video, a girl similar to the example “Shida Mirai”

It is taken at the main! (^ ^)

Does the person who is filming expect something? Lol

By the way this child seems to be sweet at the armpit,

Please enjoy thoroughly if you like. Lol




Yatter! It is!

He did as I expected! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

However, the exercised thighs are erotic … (゚ д ゚) Gokuri …

I want to lick this back thigh (゚ ∀ ゚)




If you go with such a bloomer, if you raise your feet, you should come out Hami. Lol




But this is the student underwear of Tokyo University! I think it is erotic strangely (* ‘▽ `*)



More than that, the University of Tokyo cheerleal panchira high-kick video introduction ☆

See you again. Goodbye ~ (^^)


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Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)


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