【High level】 Super cute dancing hand! Summary of Azusa’s dancing!

Hello everyone, this is Kisuke of the manager.


This time the super cute dancing hand “Azusa” dancing the video I tried

I summarized it! It is! (^ ^ ♪

Even if it is super cute, it is completely my subjectivity,

For some people you may think “I’m right now,” but,

Claims are not accepted! Lol

This girl is pretty cute, of course, but her legs are erotic! It is!

It is not too thin without too thin It is best ey leg! (^ ^ ♪

Since I am wearing bloomers under the skirt in the movie,

Unfortunately, there is no panchira.

However, the line of the body with the perfect bloomer is clear! It is!

I think that there are plenty of places of interest such as meat from the ham,

I think that it is content to enjoy Gatsuri! (* ‘▽ `*)

Let’s go ahead!



【Azusa】 I tried dancing LILIA with the skeleton band [with bonus]

First, the first one is a video here!

It is a little mature costume of stripes, it looks good! (^ ^ ♪

The combination gap is terrible! It is! Lol





Squats are black firs! It is! It is very erotic! It is! (^ ^ ♪




Even at the moment when you rotate your waist ☆

Well OK! It is! (゚ ∀ ゚)

【Azusa and Miyuki】 suddenly, I started idling 【tried dancing】

This is also a disparity video between combi! Lol

Maid clothes are going well with you! (* ‘▽ `*)

(Kimoi · · · lol saying on your own)




It will show us so much this time! It is!

Service is good! (* ‘▽ `*)




But you’re erotic legs! It is! (゚ ∀ ゚)

It is better not to see the partner’s face … haha





It is all right! It is! The mood is awesome! It is! (゚ ∀ ゚)


【Azusa】 Gigantic O.T.N I tried to dance 【Birthday】 17 years old

This video appeared in costume-like costumes! It is!

After all the uniform is good! It suits the best! (* ‘▽ `*)

By the way, this song is the one who was doing with old videos!

Surely it will be favorite! It is!

Kisuke is also fond of choreography so I love it! It is! (^ ^ ♪




A beautiful thigh is shining! It is! It is!

I wanted to be in the same class when I was a high school student with this girl! It is! It is! It is!

Ah, that remembered I was a mad cow! Lol

However! It is! I wanted to meet at that age! It is! (> _ <)




Well, it’s too dazzling! It is! It is!

It is very erotic! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

By the way, when you look closely you are dancing with socks.

This can be totally broken with intense dance. . .

4th (title unknown)


The title is unknown for the fourth one.

Also the uniform wind came! It is! it’s the best! It is! (^ ^)

In this movie, the disparity shrunk slightly! Lol




This … … erotic! It is! It is!

Look inside of the skirt – ー (゚ Д ゚;)




The lining of the skirt interferes, but also exactly the service! It is! (゚ ∀ ゚)

Really is a good girl ♪ haha


Yes, I beg you! Please change me! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

In that case I will reverse it! Lol

【Azusa × Pana】 Viva Hapi tried to dance!


Following this video.

Oh (゚ ∀ ゚) There must have been a scene to squat down on this song surely! It is!

This is expected to have it · · · (゚ ∀ ゚) Gughae



Oh, big fortune ━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!

What a wonderful video! It is! Lol

This daughter is too thin and dyed (Meaningful)




But destiny is cruel. . . Lol

Equality is a lie of all human beings! Lol

This is the end of Azusa’s summary.

Have you enjoyed it?

To a person that this girl is a type,

Was not there quite a lot of good shots there?

Regarding what I felt beyond usual,

I hope you will close your eyes! Lol

As Azusa has taken up earlier,

We will keep the past articles below, so please take a look if you are not already! (^ ^)





Thank you very much! goodbye! (^ ^)



If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)


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