A cute girl shook with intense dance

Everyone, this is good news for the manager.

Lily, Lili, Burniny! What on earth is that song?

It is a really good song! (Shaking, chirally) LOL

This time a very cute girl,

I slowly danced while trying hard,

Here is an introduction to the video.




Let’s go and see you then.


I’m trying to dance! It is!

Is not the growth of the child on the right considerably for the age?

I do not know whether it’s just a good material though it looks like a thin poncho,

Maybe the shake is difficult to understand? And I think …

It is totally shaking! (# ^^ #)

Whether this way of shaking is inner with cup,

At best it can be seen as a spoobra! Is it?

Anyway it is awesome!

Although it is spats in the skirt,

Good service of me to worship exactly! (* ‘▽ `*)



I can go for 4 cups of rice. (^ ^)

The second one.


The second one is the same children.

Black cat socks attached by the right child,

Although I see a child who is occasionally wearing it,
Is not there anything that suits you so much?

It is strangely cute.

I mean, the blue child on the left is overkill! It is!

Saying bad is serious and ugly!

To prepare a complementary role with this youth,

Surely this kid has quite a bad character! (゚ Д ゚;)

And, although I was prying extra,

It is not translation, so it does not matter whether the personality is bad or not.

Rather, please do not hesitate to use that

It is easy to receive! (Guess face)


The third one.


While I complain about it, the third one is also this girl. (^ ^)

It shows us the size and shake as ever.

But where on earth are you dancing?

Is it a gymnasium or a kindergarten?

I want to use the blue child as a companion,

I do not want anyone to see where the pride is high and there are two people

Is it such a feeling?

I inflated selfish imagination. Lol

However, by imagining the background, the movie can be used as a side dish

It was around this time that I think that value will increase.

Well then, let’s meet again! (^ ^)




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Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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