【good news】Minor idols are overlooking and are very good!

Hello everyone How are you, honey?

I strongly grasp it too much when I do handjob but it hurts but I can not say something inside.

I think there is! Lol

It is Kikusuke of the manager. (^ ^)

It is “Love leaves Girls” that we will introduce to you this time.

It seems that it is not “Ainu” but “Eh is Girls”. (^ ^)

eh? Do not worry about such a thing so let me see it sooner? Is it?

I acknowledged (^ ^). I would like to go there immediately ☆




Kiyosu’s minor idle movie selection criteria,

Is there a child of type?
Is there a reasonable image quality?
Is something visible?
Are you wearing what is perfect under the skirt?
A low angle movie as possible.
It is desirable that those two or three conditions are satisfied.

It may be a bit lower standard than everyone,

I’d like to introduce something good. (^ ^)

Well, it is love leaf girls, but it is quite right · · ·



Among them, those who like Kisuke are these two people! (^ ^)


Especially purple is really cute! It is! (^ ^ ♪




Turn at high quality 4K and bloomers get caught! (* ‘▽ `*)

It will be 5 cups for Kisuke’s rice! Lol





Pretty butt meat is getting Puni and Hami! It is!

I’m sorry I do not collect (- ‘▽ `*)

I hugged from the front and turn my hands behind to rub massage! (^ ^)

The second half of the video is …,,

Does anyone graduate? Is it? Well done.



Well then we will go to the second one.


The second one can enjoy Burma + Panchira,

It is a hybrid work! It is! (^ ^ ♪



Noi ~ purple is as cute as ever!

The more you look, the cute it becomes. (^ ^)

These 5 cast members this time.



Suddenly, which kid is your type?

If you do not mind, could you please answer the questionnaire?


Only one person can answer.

The way to answer is to check one in one of the five and press “vote” button.

Anyone can see the result by pressing “View Results”. (^ ^)

Please do not worry because there are no deceptive links, fraudulent clicks etc on our site at all.

Sorry, but the questionnaire only becomes Japanese.

From the top is light purple, dark purple, black, orange, green.



View Results

Loading ... Loading ...


Depending on the result, I would like to be careful not to say ___ ___ _ Lol

Well I will return to the subject.

About half of the movie’s past the ballad song

There is nothing interesting. (; ‘∀ `)

It’s the next song! It is!

monochrome? I wonder if it was? Is it? If it is wrong, Swimmer. (゚ Д ゚;)




Kita ━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!


Well, I’m digging in! It is!

(; ゚ д ゚) Gokuri …

Fucking in the front row … By the way, my uncle

I wonder what kind of scenery it is watching! (゚ Д ゚;)

It is enviable as long as it is enviable. . .




Well, kita ━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!

Cute printed pants are visible! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

Is it costume and choreography for the panchira?

It is a wonderful achievement that it takes a while! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

4K It is the strongest! It is!

Is it about to be uncertain whether it is reality or not at about 32K? Lol

I’m looking forward to it now. (^ ^)


Today’s best shot ☆


This is over with this time! Thank you very much! (^ ^)



If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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