Introduce three YouTube videos of Shikoku’s minor idols at once!

It is a video of “Love’s leaf Girls” which I have introduced several times in this blog.

It’s been a long since I lost my overwhelming popularity of purple-chan ,,,

Personally, this has reduced the charm of love’s leaves by half (; ‘∀ `)

Perhaps there are many people who feel the same way?

So I’d like to introduce old nostalgic videos when purple was there.

Well then! !

Love leaves Girls seaweed cafe 1



Love’s leaves Girls kimisuki

0:40 0:53 1:46 1:58 2:14 3:20 3:41


Love love Girls Fujikuran Kawanoe monochrome

2:40 2:43

If you are watching a movie, it is clever to stop quit early without doing it forever

I will also feel it (; ‘∀ `)

This time it was a bit ago and 4K was none,

I introduced a movie entering my nephew (^ ^)

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