[Black tights] Erotic girls who tried dancing with black tights!

Hello everyone!

When you want to etch with a girl who is not so cute,

I wonder if the erection is getting worse and it seems that this is small,

It is an administrator ‘s pleasure to become uneasy! (^ ^)

Well, I love you all the videos I introduced this time,

I would like to deliver the daughters who tried dancing with erotic black tights!

I am sorry for personal affairs,

I broke up with her the other day and in fact it is a bit dented,

I would like to send you healthy! It is! Lol

It seems to have been told that “You were her!”,

I want to do my best! (; ‘∀ `)

Let’s go with the first one!



【いにG】天ノ弱【tried to dance】


The first entry is “I ‘m G”!

Something is really cool name! Lol

Long straight hair goes well with your glasses!

It is a style reminiscent of Tommy febrile!

Why do not you know who it is? Lol

Please do not mind passing through! It is! Lol




Ah, is it black bread? (^ ^)

But it is OK!

The black tights of gloss shimmer are terribly erotic! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)




I got it! High kick! It is!

It is good that your feet rise so often! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

It’s very erotic with a crotch roughly. (゚ ∀ ゚)



[Amakusa] Over the time dance [I tried dancing]


Next, “Amakusa chan” is an entry!

It is good black tights with such a handle ~ ♪

It looks more erotic than somehow! (* ‘▽ `*)




Ohh! ___ ___ 0 It is!

She is delicate and cute and has a body! (* ‘▽ `*)

The inside is a bit dark and I can not check it …




Well I can not see it. . .

Is it wearing black? Is it?



【Misato】 Eine kleine (I tried dancing)


The last video is “Misato”!

It is a nice feeling that the black tights are shiny ♪

The skin color of the knees and heels seen from black tights is terrible erotic! (^ ^ ♪






I could not see it as clear with the video just before

Clear white like cleansing pains! It is! (゚ ∀ ゚)

After all black is a good tan over black tights! (* ‘▽ `*)




This skirt became strange! It is! (゚ ∀ ゚)

It is really erotic! It is!

This time it will be over with this! Thank you very much. (^ ^ ♪



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