【Nico Nico Douga】 Loose and cute little sister tried dancing up skirt! !

Hello! It is administrator ‘s “Kisuke”!


I watched a movie that I have danced with Japanese version and English version with a single face with a single person,

The girl who was delivering just disappeared …


It is recently I noticed,

Probably it seems that it disappeared well before.


It was my daughter who was dancing with a terrible post count,

Although it is pretty, the number of browsing has not increased so much


When I thought that it would go on for a long time I eventually disappeared. Lol


Actually, I was quite looking forward to it, so it’s a little shocking … lol

I wonder if there are also similar people. (; ‘∀ `)


Well, let’s go to the movie introduction! !

【Lovekantara】 Singing Mr.wonderboy and dancing 【celebrating 20 years old】

What I will introduce this time is a video of “Lovekantara”! !


It looks pretty even with her daughter’s clothes! (^ ^)

It is a song that I often hear about Mr.wonderboy, but what kind of song is it …


Let’s see the animation ♪


When turning while jumping, it seems flickering white as something white!


And again with the same scenes again! !

It seems to be slightly over than the first one! (゚ ∀ ゚)


If we are sorry for the third challenge failure,

Next time I get a panchira from the front! ! (* ‘▽ `*)


And at the end is the scene that “Year!” Turns! !

It can be said that the sights of this song 1 (^ ^ ♪


It’s the best way to see this video without complaint! (゚ ∀ ゚)


As the area that appears stepwise from the first panchira increases,

It looks like being impatient and it’s really nice (^ ^ ♪


More than “Rabakanba” ‘s panchira video introduction was!


Please press the “LOVE” button at the top left of the page if you think that the movie is “Good!” ♪

Just simply increase the counter of the button by one, please feel free to press (^ ^)


Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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