【I tried dancing】 A girl who will show off the perfect bloomer repeatedly with fluffy skirt!

Up skirt Hello love you!

In the case of

At the time of a girl who sexes for the first time, the feelings are excited

It is Kisuke of an administrator who often does not get well. (^ ^)

In the case of

This time I’ve introduced several times before,

I would like to introduce the video of “Kyo ☆”.

In the case of

You can display past articles by asking “Kyo” in the search window on the right ♪

In the case of

Both face and style are gathered together at a very high level,

This time it is perfect for a fluffy skirt Perfect for me It can be said as a reward,

It tried to dance in style! (* ‘▽ `*)

In the case of

Well then!


【Daiki and Kyo】 ☆ The result of the blowout by the aperitif function is this 【Great Cause ☆】



Even a bed and a dresser placed in a narrow room are scarcely left

They will dance in the space we have noticed.

Furniture is not cheap but fairly good. (Does not matter)

Is he living alone? It is quite a mysterious situation.



Why is so cute cute!

Mysteriously designed T – shirts are also something! Lol




Although there may be people saying “What a bull!”

For me it will be a considerable reward image. (゚ ∀ ゚)




It sounds very soft ♪ ♪








It’s good, is not it? (* ‘▽ `*)

In the part till the last tail of the video change costume,

I am dancing the rumble ribbon exercises but the left child

The skirt is pretty transparent.

Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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