I tried dancing. Is this a reality? Is it an illusion? Boundary up skirt

Up skirt Hello everyone I love! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


Cicadas are noisy and it can not be helped! Lol

I think that I would like to introduce the video as this time not to lose such cicadas!


Well then! !



I tried to dance [Lina & Momoiro] I can see it

It is a movie of pretty girls’ daughters trying to dance on the roadside!


I feel that the downtown has come out well!

Is Izumiya a big building in the back! Lol

The right girl’s knee high socks style tights is very good! (^ ^ ♪


Well everyone, are you ready for your heart?


It is an illusion that I can see from now.

As it is in the title, it is all phantom! ! Lol


Maboroshi, Kita ━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!


Well, this is a phantom of rumors ,,,







The second vision came! ! (゚ ∀ ゚)


I can not see how many times the illusion is good! (* ‘▽ `*)

And at the turn it was a girl ‘s hard daughter’ s girl! Lol


Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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