Energetic! School uniforms Uniform school girl up skirt!


Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


So fast. . . A girl’s daughter is too cute! !

Because this is instinctive, it feels cute and can not be helped! Lol


Unexpectedly soul cry comes out! !

By the way, there was a group called Seoul Scream! Lol


If these cute girls are in that way, that will not be an affair. .

This is inevitable. It is inevitable. (; ‘∀ `)


It would be great if there were no such things as that unique characteristic,

I can not do anything to say such a thing,

It is wonderful that you can only enjoy the cute part as a movie! (^ ^ ♪


“In this way we were steadily moving away from real romance …”


Let’s enjoy balancing well so as not to be anything ♪ LOL


Then, what’s your video! !




Momoiro Clover N

This time it is a video of the women’s girls who are like JK Nori full throttle in school!

It would be nice to have a movie, but it would be naughty if in fact. Lol


White panchira from the tanned stubborn legs …


Some people voted for “deep purple” in the popular vote of “love leaf girls”

There is certainly a certain demand! (* ‘▽ `*)



It is a daughter of a woman who makes an atmosphere that seems to grow so much.




By the way Champion and uniform Purma’s harp on uniform shirt,

It ‘s pretty cool, is not it (^ ^ ♪

Everyone seems to be healthy and what’s more! Lol

This is over with this time. Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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