Videos of minor idol ‘s high kick too wonderful

Girls unit formed with four people, Arisaku Hanamori, Sakura Miyagi, Kana Kana Himejima, Mikoto Miyazawa,

This is a video introduction of “Girls Ninth Movement – Girls Anthem”.

Currently only Miyazawa Mikoto remains, it seems that there are three members of the new member Hidenori Snow White and Yoshika Konohana.

Kana Konohana can be seen as a dancer ‘s “Bara – chan

It’s 4K but it’s a lot of places with good image quality (^ ^ ♪


Girl’s Ninth movement – Girls anthem – GIRLS MUSEUM Asakusa EKIMISE

17:19 18:52

Kana cherry ‘s Pitri spats are also very good (*’ ▽ `*)

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