A woman college student watched the power of C – ute ‘s The Power

It is a video I tried dancing the famous “Kansai Hakusho”.

There seems to be various things even if it says Haroshi Laboratory,

This time it will be a video of “Ritsumeikan Hello Project Study Group”.

It dances at The Power of ℃ – ute.

It is cute because we are dancing with T – shirts of different colors by 5 people.

This time the red child and the green child are particularly good (^ ^)


Kansai Haroko “Love take it all” I tried dancing

1:42 1:55 2:13 3:53

I’m a skirt shimmer, so I also show belly fliers and it’s good service!

It would be hard to choreographer with five people.

I bet he probably practiced quite a bit.

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