[While thinking that it looks] Fierce Kawa! High kick up skirt feature!

Hello everyone, this is Kisuke of the manager.


For those who like micro erotos, we will deliver this time,

High kick up skirt It is feature! It is! (^ ^)

Although it may be better to say middle kick! Lol

Kick towards the camera with raw bread! It is! Do it! (^ ^ ♪

I guess it is not easy to imagine erection! (* ‘▽ `*)

What are the girls who kick up and up skirt themselves?

No, I definitely have not thought of anything! It is! Lol

Well then let’s go! (^ ^)





【Rioto story】 Ohia ★ Night of Desire [danced]


The first one is awfully girlfriend! It is!

Sounds good! I am young! (^ ^)

It is a group of 4 people, but a child I would like to ask for first responds to expectations! (^ ^ ♪

Choreography with high kicks is the best!




Hooray! They did it! It is!

It is a white cotton bread from a delivered middle kick! (^ ^ ♪

Pure white panchira seen from the slender white legs! It is!

It is the best situation! (* ‘▽ `*)

I can go for 4 cups only with this! (^ ^)

It’s a decision for side dishes! Lol

Let’s examine the next high kick ♪





Takeshi Uchikuni Envy Fail


Next is the appearance of two uniforms of uniforms junior high school students! It is!

This expectation will also increase! (^ ^ ♪

Somehow the video looks like a sepia color, but is it something you are processing?

It was a surprising thing! Lol

This time the daughter who is pretty as ordered will do it (^ ^)




And did it for me! It is!

It is still white cotton bread! (^ ^ ♪

There are something in it too! It is! Is it a strawberry?

Is not it cute! Too cute! (* ‘▽ `*)

It is also the best sports shoes that have been used! It is! White is nice ☆

Selection of dishes for tonight seems to be in trouble! Lol

I am going to go next where I am excited! (^ ^)





【NAZ】 SPiCa 【Try to dance】


The third one is here! It is!

Cute and gray color tights are going well! (^ ^ ♪

This girl is stiffened by a guard and wearing a shoop pants under it,

I try to prevent up skirt,

The choreography of this song does not allow it! It is!

That’s right! There is a high kick! It is! Lol




Though it is chilly. (^ ^)

White peeping through color tights! (Forecast)

This is also good! (* ‘▽ `*)

It’s better to watch a movie than a still picture! (^ ^ ♪

This is over with this time ☆

The high kicks of the girls who tried dancing,

Please listen carefully by all means! Lol



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