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This time I have posted several review articles on this blog,

It is a video review of Mr. Gcolle “Molester History Diary”.

The linked site is multilingual compatible.
It is available from overseas.

↓ ↓ A review article of the past molested log record diary is here ↓ ↓

【作品レビュー】Gcolle 痴漢記録日記 29


【作品レビュー】Gcolle 痴漢記録日記 28





Full of Yarase feeling (well all Gcolle lines are Jarase, but … haha)

Reactions of real girls among molestic series work,

I can feel the breathing when it is being molested

A valuable movie work contributor.


I was excited a lot in past works as well. Lol


Let’s see from the description of the work!


Description of work

This target seems to be big fluffy busty!

The shape of a bra is emerging from a thin fabric and it is erotic (゚ ∀ ゚)

I started with a bad friend.
I am strongly receiving the color of some works.

Today ‘s information from bad friends OK color at the station that OK daughter is rumored to be well.
I found a girl with a fairly tight body wearing clothes that emphasized large breasts that seemed to be molested.
There were too few things to block the line of sight of the other stations here and it was very hard for shooting … but, though! Game ends when you give up! I had to turn the camera while struggling with burning as hard as I could hardly doing it, Nakagin rocket big tits must be defeated! (Lol)

When I got on the rocket I saw a big tits ass touched a blue T person, but I took a position before the boobs as soon as I saw a place where there was no reaction.
Just to be sure, first touch carefully for judging the OK girl.
Ensure that you do not make noise and slowly feel the taste of the tits
Estimated E cup tits feel exactly marshmallow
Push it with your fingers and bounce back, feel sticky like tight clinging to your fingers by stroking!

What you are getting hard at the tip of your boobs as long as you touch it …
I’m feelin ‘! What?
A transformation woman who was tampered with a nipple in such a public place and made a nipple erection (my allee was on the verge of bursting, but a bitter smile)

Moreover, although it did not clearly understand from the top
It seems that her lower body was also violently stifling, just imagining how tampered it did not stop the erection (laugh)

As a matter of course, after erection, I have to pull out many times in conjunction with the feel of rocket big tits.

(Individual rating: 94 points! * Because I like boobs, I appreciate it (lol))

File format · mp4
Video time · 4 minutes 31 seconds

When you read the explanatory text carefully, the erotic feelings and Muku Muku

It’s getting excited (* ‘▽ `*)


There is a station where OK daughter is good with information from bad friends,

OK What kind of daughter is! What?


I would like to meet if possible! !

Well, I can not do anything though it is hefty … haha


Well, I will go to the work review! !


Work review

The figure of the target heading for the toilet when the movie starts.

Now you can see the overall picture of the target.

Although this image seems to be in a men’s toilet,

I have entered the girls toilet properly. Lol

Then move to the home and get Vespoji like the example. Lol


I always think, how do you shoot close-ups from this height! What?

Then I will take a closer look at her body like a price.

The nape seen from behind obliquely is erotic! ! (゚ ∀ ゚)


And it looks like you are wearing glasses! !

This is a point up! ! (* ‘▽ `*)


And when the train arrives, is it safe to come in with one of the girls?

I am worried, but keep it right behind tightly!


How do you cook this time

It is already exciting from now. Lol


I can hear the sound of the train and sounds like something bullshit.

What are you doing? concern! What?


And unexpectedly lip dope! ! Eros (゚ ∀ ゚)

An announcement inside the car flows “Next ○ ○ ○, an exit · · ·”

When the camera faces toward the chest ,,,,,,

I’m touching your breasts! ! (* ‘▽ `*)


I am boldly enjoying the feeling with the back of the hand once a woman! !

Then, when turning the camera toward the face,

She is obviously dissatisfied with the time ago


I look slightly expressing something with my face turned to this place


Even though it did not move with Picci as it was, it was hardened,

I can not say anything

When you arrive at home, the camera moves suddenly and it does not matter if it does not matter. Lol


Perhaps it seems that people got pushed down,

I am enjoying the feel without such a thing www


She does not seem to get off the train yet. (^ ^)

Glasses girl you deserve desperately! !


I’m not really picky w

It is such a thing that it solidifies! (゚ Д ゚;)


It seems that you are battling your lips and fighting against something! !

In girls’ high school students, I held the backpack string tightly,

Reaction of such a girl’s element is erotic I guess (* ‘▽ `*)


You can see that the body has a lot of power! (゚ ∀ ゚)

I was stroking with my fingertips next time I was stroking with the back of my hand! !

If I do such a thing, I also have to shave my lips (; ‘∀ `)


“What you are getting hard at the tip of something if you touch it all the time …”

Although it was in the explanatory note, it probably was felt around here! What?


I continue blaming all the hardening parts! !

Pickpick and moving lips! !

It seems to be patienting the voice that comes out naturally (゚ ∀ ゚)


I can not stop accumulating if I can continue blaming softly from the top of my clothes! Lol

When you arrive at the station you want, unlike JK you will never run,

I went down as if nothing had happened. .


Wow, it is real as ever. (; ‘∀ `)


I do not understand with this movie alone, but a molester log diary has been working with two people

It seems to be said that it is blamed at the same time from the bottom.


When you see these at the same time it is dangerous to double the destructive power. Lol


We will also review the “Molester Record Diary 18” there soon so please look forward to …


This work is Gcolle, it sold for 1,260 yen.


That’s it. Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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