【Up skirt · breasts】 I do not quite know what is idle or what is good anyway


Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


At last the boro cooler of the house has collapsed!

The fan of the outdoor unit stops moving, only the warm-to-hot air comes out. (T_T)


I have to buy a new one. . .

It is troublesome to have furniture moved for installation and removal. (> _ <)


Well, I would like to go to the video introduction without being bothered by the heat! !


J-smile・2015Dream Dance Drive・”ALL FOR ONE”

The contributor of this video also gives a lot of nice videos!

Thank you very much! ! (* ‘▽ `*)



Nice navel chira! ! !

But the right girl is cute! (* ‘▽ `*)


I feel like a thin gouge is created ,,,








Because the hands of this hand are hard to convey with still images,

Please do not say it once with a video twice, please see it as 3 degrees! (^ ^ ♪




eyes school of entertainment ③・2016 Dream Dance Drive

The second one is also a video of the same poster. (^ ^)


I am not familiar with cameras too much,

I feel that this person is pretty good at shooting. (^ ^ ♪


Everybody seems to have a daughter who is not good at opening smoothly. Lol

“I guess this is Kits ~!” I’m expressing. Lol

My daughter behind makes a smile with “It is impossible even for the actual performance ~ w”!




It is a mystery (ha ha) why it will make such a troubling expression,

Very good movie! (^ ^ ♪


The second half will take legendary masterpiece “High School Musical”

There was not any special attention …


That’s it! Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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