When a potato girl dances with three people, usually one person

Hello, everyone who loves up skirt!


The women’s daughter moves the waist back and forth in the woman on top posture is too big,

Jiko broke and ran out of severe pain, Kikusuke of the manager. (; ‘∀ `)


In this time I would like to introduce the videos I tried to dance of pretty sweet girls’ daughters.


Although it says that it is potato-like, this is never a bad mood,

In the sense that there is no such threading in the city,

Is not it well established as a genre? (^ ^)


There is fun to teach and nurture various things from now on.

Of course it is a delusion. . . Lol


Let’s go to the main theme about this tough story!



【Oka and Flies】 Mr_wonderboy 【Danced】


Three people say “Oka-chan and flies”

It is a trio of naming too mysterious.


Is it that one person is Mr. and the other two are flies?


It was far away from urban areas and was able to pioneer mountains,

I’m dancing in a place that seems to be named “Somehow New Town”.


Three young girls who are perfect for this place,

Everyone seems to be wearing the inner under,



Well then Is not something white coming out of Hami! (゚ ∀ ゚)



It is a nice feeling that meat of butt also pushes out Hami. (* ‘▽ `*)



This girl is wearing harpan on the bottom, but it seems to be only one on the top.


Somewhat transparent. (* ‘▽ `*)


Although I understand that it is a shade character, overall,

I wanted a feeling that I enjoyed a little more. Lol








It is “Muratatamu” chan that delivers a pretty rare banging video.

It’s pretty cute with a unique atmosphere ♪

After, thighs are erotic! (゚ ∀ ゚)



It looks like a pretty old movie, but recently I found her favorite daughter. (^ ^ ♪

The trademark Pyonichi T – shirt also suits you well. (* ‘▽ `*)


This is over with this time. Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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