Young girls who tried dancing in various situations

Hello! It is Kikusuke of the manager.

I will deliver this time,

I tried dancing in various situations,

And they are the girls who tried to panick! (^ ^ ♪

By selecting and seeing the situation that suits you,

It is sure that you can send a fulfilling video life ☆



Here is the first video.


I am dying for that mania,

Uniform cute girls!

Even if you dance lovely according to music with uniforms,

It is possible to make mania beaten up,

With the special service of the panchira,

From enthusiasts it is a masterpiece of a gem.




He did a nice job at the last minute! It is!

White cotton bread is dazzling ☆

It is also high point like a place not deliberately put out. (* ‘▽ `*)



It is the second video! It is!


It is a little special situation.

It is a girl who smells globally.

Appearance wearing a mysteriously exposed high cost costume. Lol

Since it is a cosplay, expectation to raw bread drops at a stretch. (T_T)





In a nice sense this was betrayed! (* ‘▽ `*)

Moreover, I am calling a high grade one.

You saw something good! It is!

It looks like I’m going to use it with such a mini skirt,

What on earth are you thinking to dance with raw bread?

I am worried! Lol


Well then we will enter the third one!


This is another good thing! (^ ^ ♪

By the way, both of us think that it is a woman.

Girls with white skirts are so cute! It is!

Apparently it looks like a type like this (^ ^)

eh! Is it? Does not it matter?

Is not it (* ‘▽ `*)

How do you see this child in your eyes? Is it?





It seems that the rough heart is washed.

Is this a unified bread or not?

It is a problem, of course, the truth is unknown and it is an arrangement.

Believe that it is raw bread,

Is not it the wisest thing to use for side dishes? Lol

Then this time it is here.

thank you for your attention!



If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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