【Wurchira · spatilla】 A momentary white is also nice, but Gutsuri black is also pretty good!

Up skirt Hello love you!


A typhoon is coming and somehow getting a little exciting

It is Kikusuke of the manager. (^ ^)


This time it is darker than white that can only be seen for a moment,

I would like to introduce videos that make it look dull black!


Honestly, depending on the dancer

If anything, I like Gutzri Black better.


Of course, it is the best that I can see Gutsuri White. Lol


Well then! It is!



★ Nyanchi ★ Hifi lyre ☆ tried dancing ☆


This daughter looks like a dancer ‘s Ranto chan.


I think that this is probably a shared personal computer room,

It is a fashionable room with no useless items on it! (^ ^)


It matched the atmosphere of the song or was a little mature

“Girls” who appeared in clothes.



Because it is a little heavy skirt, so when turning etc.,

It’s pretty rough! (゚ ∀ ゚)


Because this picture seems to have no skirt

I like it quite a lot! (^ ^ ♪


It is quite enjoyable because it is rolling up all the time ♪

In addition, you can pretty well check the direction of breasts!





★ Nyanchi ★ 14 years old Ojama insect ☆ tried dancing ☆


The second one seems to have tried dancing bugs.



This girl is pretty now, though,

If growth fails, Katagiri is going to be like Iari

It is a bit scary … (゚ Д ゚;)


I want to grow cute. (^ ^ ♪



It also makes belly fliers a lot!

Heso is under a little? Is it?




★ Nyanchi ★ “Platinum” -shin’in future Mix – ☆ I tried to dance [In the lightning]


The third one is dancing south of the sea.

It is said that thunder was ringing and it was very cold! (゚ Д ゚;)



This was only a moment. (; ‘∀ `)


I seemed to be a foreigner who made a mistake in my name and laughed. (゚ ∀ ゚)

Platinum is lol … haha

Moreover, it does not correct whether the person himself / herself is troublesome. Lol


This is over with this time! Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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