[Bulma · Spats] White of a moment is also good, but the whole looks black is also pretty good! Part 2

Hello, everyone who love the panchira! It is the manager ‘s aid!


This time, the second bullet of “Buluma Spatz” introduced earlier

I would like to deliver by that! !


First of all, although it is probably wearing two pieces, it is good that you can see the cookery and body line!


And the fact that under the skirt is visible,

The most important thing is not the consciousness “to try to hide”! Lol


It is already the best feeling on the day when the bread has risen out there. Lol

I would be pleased if you understand. (; ‘∀ `)


Let’s go introducing animation! !



【Choco & Miko】 Zootopia Theme Song “Tri Everything” I LoVU VER. 【Junior High School Student Mai】

The first movie is two of you here.


I do not seem to be Japanese, but are you Chinese? What?

I am also living in America and I do not understand any more. .


I can see the place where I shoot movies in Japan.

It looks just like a face, probably a sister.



In the second half we will dance at a close distance with a wood deck,

It was disappointing that the movement became small because the space is small!




【Utayuki】 Request a darling dance 【Summer has come! 】

The second one is a video of “Utayuki” chan!


I danced so much that I dance at a shining place.

Something like a sailor suit looks fresh! (^ ^ ♪





At first I thought that it was not so cute,

A girl’s daughter laughs and after all it’s cute (^ ^ ♪


And the inner is so stylish! !

After all it is a good one! (* ‘▽ `*)





【Aya Piyo】 Forecasting Koizora Forecast 【Graduation】

The third person is “Aya Piyo”.

Why is it that the classroom is like a set? What?


I hope the shirt can be seen from the skirt ~!





It was a nice movie with a fairly good look! !

My daughter who is tall and soft looks really good (^ ^ ♪

This is over with this time! Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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