I saw a famous high school girl 2 person group.

Nice to meet you! It is Kisuke of the manager.

On this site, focusing on videos danced,

Shyly, my videos that my son reacted

I would like to introduce a lot.

Of course, since it will be all the videos that fit my taste,

I think that some people are not very interested,

I think that there are also many people who have a good taste. Lol




It is the first work to commemorate at once! It is a famous dude!


It seems that you hear the voice saying “Anyone knows like this!”

Again these two people, because Koshi himself has taken care of many times,

It can not be removed to talk about the movie that I saw!



It’s around 55 seconds of this video.

No, no matter how many times you look it is not great!

In addition to this I flicker many times.

Light pink pants are shining with the sunset lit!

Considering how many people took care of with this movie …

I do not collect.




Well, shall we go to the second movie?


It is two people of the same dancer.

Formerly it was a high school uniform,

This time it is appearing in a uniform wearing coloring!

Has the high school graduated?

It makes me feel sorry.



However, this time also patch well! It is!

This girl is really a good service (# ^^ #)

Last time it was raw pink,

It is a good thing that my preference has changed also because of black over the stone.

It is not a pretty looking cute look,

It is somehow very cute and honest type (^ ^) (^ ^)

Looking at the first dancing place,

Although it seems that it lives in a considerable countryside,

Will you be driven by the urge to stand out like this because I am too busy growing up in the country?



It was a shock when I first saw it! It is!

I would like to make it my family’s treasure! Lol

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