The famous high school girl 2 people came out that part 2

Hello everyone, this is Kikusuke of the manager.

Suddenly, girls are pretty cute ~!

Maybe there are many children who are not so much if you see the real thing nearby, lol

Try dancing, with pop music and dancing,

There may be something like the ski resort effect and it may seem to be a premium!

Anyway, pretty is justice! It is!

So, following the next round is the appearance of the famous JK 2 people.





This time it is in uniform.

The right child type really! It is! (Insistent)

While dancing somehow the right child skirt,

It will gradually fray and grow.

There is reality and it is also (· ∀ ·) イ イ !!



This time I am wearing things like bloomers below. . .

Did you have something to think about?

But this is OK with this ~

The picture quality is not good as it is a little old video,

If this is 4K you can go for 5 cups! It is!


It is the second one!


Bakorn at Dance! Is it lol?

I do not really understand such songs,

It’s good because it’s cute

However, what I care about is even more disappointing than Burma,

It is becoming a calling, is not it ~



Was there anything to think about this child?

Or was it by chance? Is it?

This was somewhat disappointingly sorry for the result. . .

It is finished with a rice cup.

Well this is (· ∀ ·) good !!

Is there some people saying that?

I am a little worried.

Sorry to touch the right child, not at all. Lol


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