A movie you tried to make potato salad with old-fashioned gourd! !

Hello everyone!


Yamamoto of Gakusho dragonfly appeared in documentary of Matsumoto Hitoshi,

It is Kisuke of the administrator who was too painful with amateurs for too long and could not watch it!


Well I guess it is going to be true though. Lol


I would like to introduce the video of Pupukan who has many requests this time.

I understand why, but it is very popular anyway! (^ ^)



【happycheer】I made a potato salad with potatoes

It seems to have made potato salad with potato! It is a fashionable one. (^ ^)

Potato is delicious, but is not too small for the price, is not it? (; ‘∀ `)


I have not done it, is it more delicious than potatoes? What?

It seems that it started with full openness from the head of the movie! !

Sorry about the image quality that is slightly whitish – cloudy. .

I’m introducing a variety of taste potatoes to donburi in a tea bowl in front of me!


Honestly I am annoyed because I have three girls’ daughters. Lol






The result seems to be very delicious.

I did not think that I wanted to try it as a wonder. Lol


When I try raising the volume, classical BGM is flowing. Lol


This time is over! Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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