【Junior High School】 I tried to dance with black tights that I could not wear and it fell down!

Hi everyone who love soft erotic!

Recently replacing the “Caps Lock” button with “Enter”

It is Miyuki of the administrator who work became very comfortable. (^ ^)

This time is a video of “Aihua” chan, which I’ve introduced before.

Some looks like a little habit, so even those who are impossible

Although it may be many, the atmosphere of a cute daughter with a good style

Because I have it, I like quite a lot, do not you? (^ ^)

Let’s go ahead ♪

La, La, Love You I tried dancing @ Aika

At the sidewalk of the bed town a little away,

Do you feel like dancing?

It is quite a lot of places to go to the airport,

Does it work well (focus problem?)

I am trying not to mind.




Apparently the tights are not going up from the beginning.

Does it feel uncomfortable to wear halfway? (; ‘∀ `)

However, because it is preeminent in style and wears snug clothes

It looks very nice. (^ ^ ♪



While flying, bouncing and dancing, at last the crotch part of the tights

I went under the skirt line.

UU. . . Just watching makes you cared! It is!

Am I just nervous? Lol





I would be more cute if there was a little smile. . .

If OneLove and lyrics are present, Bob Marley will soon come up. Lol




At the end of the video it fell so much!

Even though my feet are long,

It has become like a very short foot. (; ‘∀ `)

If the image was not blurred surely Grandpa behind

I think that I was worried and could not do it. Lol

Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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