Ref. high school girls who came to see me dancing!

Hello, good evening! It is Kikusuke of the manager.

Girls are really cute! It is!

I can not afford to watch it!
For the minute I see …

Actually you do not understand the story, it is only a lot of troublesome things …

Oops! Let’s keep this around!

It seems that this time will be a high level of opportunity in a joyful way!

Are you ready to take off your pants?


Let’s go then!


The first one is these children! It is!

Of course the attention is girl on the right! It is!

The left is visible only to Mr. Kurosawa in the forest 3!

Is it still a companion role?

I was going to derail again. Excuse me. . .

The right child is a one piece,

It seems to be a little heavy fabric (is it thick?),

Centrifugal force is very easy to work!

If you are going to turn,



I do not collect! (* ‘▽ `*)

This must be raw bread ♪

What is cotton bread with this appearance

Moreover, the gap does not accumulate!

Style is also (· ∀ ·) イ イ !!

I want to embrace it once!

Oops It was silly (゚ Д ゚;)

Please rethink and go to the 2nd video!


This is a treasure movie,

It is a movie about as good as you can say the highest level! It is!

In the school barely only the left child,

A pair of shady characters that seems to be keeping up with the general club.

However, there is also (· ∀ ·) good !!

It is a supreme two person cheerfully.

And these children, both wearing black stockings,

Good service of showing me the panchira through the stone!



how is it?

Honest nosebleed is (゚ Д ゚;) (゚ Д ゚;)

I think that it is an irresistible movie for stocking lovers ♪

The gray cardigan ‘s child is more type thankfully.

Since it was a long time ago,

These children are supposed to have graduated from high school indeed!

I wanted to meet you at the time of this figure because it is OK at once!

I was a bit dull. Lol

Let me set such a delusion,

This time it will be here.

See you again soon!



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