Ref. The girls girls who saw them dancing!

Up skirt Hello love you!

When you want to etch with a daughter of an illegitimate woman, put a blanket on your face,

It is Kikusuke of a manager who inflates a delusion. (^ ^)

This time, the daughters of the girls who saw the classic dancing,

I would like to introduce a video!

Well then! It is!







【First Anniversary ☆】 Suite Magic I tried dancing! 【Apricot. 】


Although wearing a mask, the face is also cute and the style is wonderful,

It is a rather high level dancer. (^ ^)

Costume and knee high socks like between maid outfits and uniforms,

It suits you very well. (^ ^ ♪

It is a very worrisome place under the skirt. Lol




Under the skirt was perfect black bloomers. (^ ^)

It’s not raw, but it’s perfect as it’s perfect fit!

White is sticking to bloomers somehow, but what on earth is it?

I guess it is not toilet paper. Lol




One point (two points?) Bloomers are very cute ♪

It became a highly satisfactory movie on a glorious basis. (^ ^)




The second one tried dancing with four people.

Apparently they seem to be some girls but they are all like girls’ daughters. (^ ^)

There is no fly in the dancing,

At the end I will reverse the mystery, so I will chill at that time ♪




Moreover, pretty girls are rolling in this direction ne ♪

I think that it is a very good production! Lol





【Gray Parker】 Sadistic Love I tried to dance 【JK 3 people】

As in the title, all three people are wearing Gray Parka.

It looks like you are wearing uniforms underneath! (^ ^ ♪

My daughter in the middle is thin and cute. (* ‘▽ `*)




Unfortunately both of us were wearing something below. (> _ <)

However, it is quite a nice view. (^ ^ ♪




I feel a bit too thin. (; ‘∀ `)



This video introduction will be over with this.

Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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【good news】Minor idols are overlooking and are very good!

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