“5 Furisato” Special feature for school girls high school uniform! You can see the pants with a mini skirt

Hello everyone! It is Kisuke of the manager.

To deliver you a little horny movie freak this time,

Everyone loves JK uniform series (^ ^ ♪

Not limited to JK, all uniforms are cute,

It seems to be increased by several times ♪

It seems that you can see male uniforms seen by girls by a few more (^ ^)

It does not matter! Excuse me. . .

As an apology, this time we will send you in five angsts! It is!


So is the first video ☆


Crisp dance in a dignified stance The name is also “猫”.

It can be likable for simple naming ♪

On the contrary to the serious looks

It seems that he has prepared a sharp point firmly!




I’m wearing cute pants truly ♪

You surely have a good smell! (^ ^)

The size is a bit small or the butt meat is coming out Hami!

You can get into the urge you want to bite (* ‘▽ `*)



So it’s the second one!


Oh, already you are turning yourself!

It is a bad luck with JK’s specialty (^ ^ ♪

The child on the right is not good for that,

I will turn on my skirt by myself as it becomes air that I have to turn.

Rather than being able to show the bread with a snake like a child on the left,

You can excite a lot of people who are turning up turning! It is!




Eyeglasses “What’s this kid doing? I do not know its meaning …”

Mask “Let’s turn up from Tayei!”

Eyewear “What’s this!”




While watching videos,

It seems that the last “what” really is saying. Lol

It is quite exciting situation! (* ‘▽ `*)


I will go to the third one!


It is “ケロピ☆”.

Unfortunately to tell you earlier,

This child is spats. <M (__) m>

However, it is pretty cute, is not it, this girl ,,,

Just because such a cute daughter flickers the spats with uniforms,

It is gladly alike! (^ ^ ♪


Despite wearing spats,

It is ashamed of suppressing the skirt when lifting the legs.

It is very good!




But because of that shame,

It is this degree that you can see. . .

This girl introduced me only with cute! (^ ^)


Then it is the 4th!


【ナコ(・ω・)・暖。(のん)・ウサギ少年】 I tried dancing Girls.

It is a three-person group consisting of a classic main one, two fans. Lol

Women are really bad personality! Lol

But, do not despise!

Because the main cute daughter will do the job perfectly.




Captain! It is raw bread! It is!

…… Gokutsu

it’s the best! It is a raw bread of a cute child!

It was nice to be alive (* ‘▽ `*)

It is good that you keep going! (^ ^ ♪



So I will go to the last movie.


Previously, “Daughters who had glanced many times when they danced with enchanted black strikes

It is a video of the girls’ JK era who introduced me to the second one.

Since it is an old movie, the picture quality will be slightly lower,

The daughter on the left when it was still fine will serve exactly.




Yes, I came! It is!

It’s a lovely pink raw bread! (^ ^)

Every other turn,

It fascinates glitter and viewers many times. (* ‘▽ `*)

Because the skirt is also folded fairly short,

I guess you can feel something like Voodoo for her videos! Lol

It looks also orthodox JK and is not quite good! Is it?

I feel like watching it forever! (^ ^ ♪

Thank you very much for seeing it to the end.

Well, how was this JK uniform uniform feature?

Have you found any videos you like? Is it?

I would be pleased if it helped everyone’s fulfilling video life. (^ ^)

So this time this far! Let’s meet Mata ☆


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Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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