[Elementary school student up skirt] When you rise carefully on the chair in front of the camera. . .

Up skirt Hello everyone I love!


Looking at the stand by by now for the first time

It reminds me of my childhood, I cried, I’m a senior advisor.


It seems like a big adventure just by going a little far away as a boy

Feeling like being a feeling, being a wonderful older existence, and a lifetime

I thought that friendship etc. was drawn very well!


I feel that you can understand that Peace Ayabe is affected to such an extent. Lol


Let’s go to the video introduction people!




My clothes introduction!


Unfortunately I already declared to quit my video posting,

It is a daughter of a woman who operates a channel called “Senami TV”.


It is a lovely girl, but somehow Antichome is amazing. Lol


Storm with a bitter comment on videos declaring especially to stop!


The comment is too strict “why are you so strict?”

I will laugh at the opposite!


I’m pretty nice clothes for young girls ~!

Especially the belt is amazing! Lol


One of the reasons why such a thing is hit?


Until climbing up on the chair has nothing to do with fashion

It will introduce the bandage plaster of the knee! Lol




Bonding plaster blood seeped in and it seems to be real painful! (゚ Д ゚;)



Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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