【Gcolle】 Kisuke recommended video introduction 【kakurega】

Hello, everyone is a cheerful assistant.

How is it going after afternoon in the afternoon?

It may be said that “It’s work! Stupid bastard !!”

Kisuke is also working. (> _ <) (> _ <)

This time from the work of Jikore,

I will introduce one masterpiece of “kakurega”!


Individual video sales site 【Gcolle】 corresponds to English.


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“Japanese title” パンチラ小人目線☆☆(pa-to37)[電車編]

“English title” Girls’ pants seen from dwarfs


This yellow skirt’s lolita,

It is a voyeuristic movie of a girls junior high school student model. (^ ^)

There are lines of sight and so on,

You can see from this image that it is pretty cute! It is!

Kakurega-sama also gets a rice cup if you can have three rice cups! (^ ^ ♪

Kisuke also agrees … (^ ^)

For this model of pitch pitches by kakurega-sama’s transcendental photography,

I will shoot from behind, from the front! It is!

Furthermore, it is reflected to the back,

It has become a gouged picture! It is!

This movie always has high quality,

With beautiful images and stable tech, Kisuke is always relieved

I am entertaining you. (^ ^ ♪

And this movie is actually a continuation,

The screen switches to the second model.



That model is here!




A female, a super type girl has come! It is! It is!


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Because I want to tell this cuteness absolutely,

I will paste the image! (^ ^ ♪

how is it? Is it?

Subjective, but this girl’s thing is a totally different type

There are not many hidden pedlocks, too? (I’m sorry when I different)

This super cute S class model’s,

Kiyosu is happy to see the inside of the skirt. (^ ^ ♪

It was a suggestion image and perfect ♪ ♪

Thank you kakurega! It is!

Please add it to your heirlooms ♪


パンチラ小人目線☆☆(pa-to37)[電車編]Click here for details


Well then I will excuse it.

Thank you very much! (^ ^)



If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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