A girls high school student who decided to show off the white sky up sky as Kamikaze blown up while dancing!

Up skirt Hello everyone! It is Kisuke of the manager. (^ ^)


I can still stand the hot weather at this time of year,

I can not stand it if the humidity becomes high, I will put on a cooler.


Of course it feels hot when the humidity is high,

The skin is sticky and unpleasant and can not be helped! (> _ <)


This time I will dismiss such an unpleasant feeling,

I would like to introduce the uniform panties which I danced.


Well then! It is!



I tried dancing my school march!


Probably within the premises of the apartment where you live

It seems that you are shooting in the parking lot.



It is a rough sky glasses school girl.

I can expect very much because the shooting angle is good! It is!



When it comes to the middle of the movie, a horny breeze blowing up from the bottom blows …




It is a splendid whitewatch panchira get! It is! (゚ ∀ ゚)


It is Kamikaze! Subarui! (* ‘▽ `*)


Cherry tree everyone ate


The second one is also the same child.

Apparently it looks like you took 2 books! (^ ^ ♪


Cherry blossoms eating everyone’s title is a bit mysterious … haha

Is that so song title? Is it?



I will dance and exchange the baton I had with the first one to the toy microphone!


Since the sunset is shining from a little earlier, was this person taken later?



This time the wonderful Kamikaze seems to be blowing up!




However, despite the fact that it is turning more than the first time,

I feel a bit dark! (; ‘∀ `)


I wonder if it’s a little stupid as well? Is it?


Even so, I was able to see good ones! (^ ^ ♪


Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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