Only 45 seconds I tried to dance so many times over the black tights up skirt Services Spiritful girls junior high school students are here

Hello! It is a manager ‘s aid!


The country where this blog is displayed is of course nothing and Japan is many,

Taiwan is the third largest.


And the repeat rate is the first place with no breaks! Lol

Even though it is a country that has even a close feeling, it makes me feel unnecessary (^ ^)


After all I tried dancing in Taiwan, but it is pretty well penetrated.


Because girls in Taiwan have many cute girls,

I’d be happy if you posted what I’ve danced soon (^ ^ ♪


Let’s introduce the video! !


【Citrus fruits】 I danced for 45 seconds

This time it is a video introduction that two people together danced “Citrus”!


“I can do what I can do in 45 seconds” dancing,

This song is very difficult as it is a title is a drawback ….


It is perfectly OK even if you dance for about 45 minutes. Lol


Let’s leave it looking, I think that it is quite a good movie to like black tights ♪






Good! It is very good I wish (゚ ∀ ゚)

It is acclaimed also in the comment section! ! Lol


This movie is only this one I tried dancing with a half month ago post,

I hope this will definitely bring up the next work as well! !


It is a season of black tights from now on, so I want many of this to go up (^ ^ ♪


This is over with this time! Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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