Sharp through and through! Here’s a video of the girls who tried dancing in one piece



“Battlebots” that makes American robots fight is fun,

When I look on Youtube I will not be able to see it forever! (* ‘▽ `*)


It ‘s “Kisuke” of an administrator who regrets violently with lack of sleep with too much enthusiasm!


This time long T-shirt and long polo shirt? I danced with

I would like to introduce the videos of the girls.


I think that you can enjoy it with the same feeling as the fluffy dress (^ ^ ♪


Well then! !


SIGNAL tried to dance

It is a video introduction that “YOKOMI” chan danced!


Should I say this is a long polo shirt! What?


“Long” polo shirt is very unusual!

A white polo shirt, and a cloudy sky. It’s a nice feeling (^ ^ ♪

The bottom seems to be wearing shorts,

The upper one is cleverly feeling quite nice! (* ‘▽ `*)


Check backwards casually too! !

This is also a nice feeling (^ ^)



Korean dance is very good with choreography very intense (^ ^ ♪


It is the best movie with clear sharpness (* ‘▽ `*)

Let’s go to the second video!

【Ryuuko】 Girls I tried dancing

The second one is a video I tried dancing with something like this T – shirt.


It seems I was motivated to prepare until Twitter,

I mumbled one video post and left as it is. (; ‘∀ `)


You surely have a tired girl! Lol

When I start the animation, it is already very good at the first point (^ ^ ♪






No matter how many times it is seen, it is still nice! !


Perfect, it is a pretty good movie for you of a cookery faction! What?

(I do not know if there is such a faction, but …)


At least managers are very favorite movies.


This is over with this time! Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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