[Pcolle] Introduction of Recommended Recommended Videos [Kuroneko]

Hello, ☆

I usually do not sweat too much,

It is Kisuke who stops quite easily once sweat comes out. (^ ^)

I will introduce you this time,

It is a work of “Kuroneko” who is exhibiting many works on Peacore.

Many of these shooting models,

Because the age group seems to be low, young girls need to type

It will be a highly recommended seller. (^ ^ ♪



Kuroneko’s delivery flight Medium-size flight complete version


The nice thing about this work is,

At first it starts from the scene of figure and face. (^ ^)

Some movies start from the head with a upskirt scene,

After all, if you first look at it, it will be lacking after that.

It is tailoring the story neatly, what kind of under wear are these girls wearing?

I felt like I felt, I finally met you! It is! The direction of trend is more exciting.

That’s great! (^ ^ ♪

This is pretty important. (^ ^)


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“Japanese title”  クロネコの配達便 中型便完全版


Model is such a child.

Is not there a lot of people who are worried about?

You are wearing a cotton bread with very cute patterns. (* ‘▽ `*)

It sounds like a good smell ♪


クロネコの配達便 中型便完全版Click here for details


In the latter half of the movie,

It will entertain us for quite a long time. (^ ^ ♪



Even just the image is quite destructive! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

Ribbon and heart are like girls,

It is very cute! (^ ^ ♪

It will convey to the texture of the skin that it will be smooth. (# ^^ #)

One thing you want to be careful about,

Although Kuroneko has also sent to Gicore,

Because the contract became tougher, Gecolet seems to be the same work

Editing is changing, the face scene is cut,

There are occasions when blurring is contained.

So, the work name of Peacore is

It is named “Medium-size flight complete version”.

This is something that other exhibitors can say, so please be careful.

If I give out the same money I definitely decided that the complete version is better.

This work was on sale and sold at “700 yen”.


クロネコの配達便 中型便完全版Click here for details



Well then let’s meet again! (^ ^)



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