Black panties are erotic! Introduce 4 videos I tried dancing ♪

Hello, this is the manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


This time with a feeling of security wearing black bread because “black panchira feature”

I would like to introduce 4 videos that will show us more confidence than the time of no guard ♪


Let’s go! !


【Muramako】Gravity=Reality【Tried to dance】

“As a result of enriching facial expressions, it became a chimpanzee mouse,” and masochistic is terrible,

Style is nice and pretty cute (* ‘▽ `*)


He is tall and has a nice tits and a maniac body (^ ^ ♪


This time I’m dancing “Gravity = Reality”

It is wonderful to turn this skirt by himself on choreography!


It is a famous song that produced a lot of name scenes ♪

Let’s see that scene! !





It is good! It is even better that the inside is not spats (^ ^ ♪


How to flip up is also unique and something erotic (゚ ∀ ゚)

By the way, behind is like this!



Perfectly fine black bread is perfect ♪


【Ponzu and Mea】 are licking Pippi is good only 【Dancing】

The second one is a movie of “Ponzu and Me” dancing!


I tried to dance a masterpiece from this song too, was born ~ (^^)



I can expect from uniformly girls this time too!


When I look at the animation, the daughter on the left is dancing quitely,

You can worship unusual feeling black panchira at an angle you have not seen much



Which way is it? I wanted to see the right girl ,,,


This was the limit (; ‘∀ `)

These two people tried to dance only this one about two years ago …

I can not expect it anymore (> _ <)

【Amenouzume】 Heart’s aftertaste danced 【Original choreography】

The third one is two of “Amenouzume” ♪

It is a cool name that seems to come out in the megatten series w


Honestly my left girl is a bit scary so I tried not to see it as much as possible ww

But the daughter on the right is very cute (^ ^ ♪




I was zooming and watching while driving away from the screen,

Movement was serious as we switched positions left and right many times w


[Nanalili] μ’s 「Wonderful Rush」 Danced

At the end is two people of “Nanalili”.

Although I am posting in midwinter I am wearing a great smile (; ‘∀ `)






It looks like it was pretty strong, even a super mini skirt

I was scolded by wind blowing (^ ^ ♪


It seems to be very cold but I’m fine (; ‘∀ `)


This time we introduced 4 videos of Black Bread dancing!

Did you find a movie you like? What?


If the movie is “It’s quite good” ♪ If you think at the top left of the page

Please press “Love button” (^ ^)

There is nothing else except just one counter in the middle,

The motivation of a manager gets a little rise ww


This is over with this time! Thank you very much! (^ ^)










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