I tried to see the beautiful sisters of black tights danced!

Hello everyone! It is the manager ‘s aid!


Noronoro Typhoon, it is annoying!


To be ridiculous with rainy wind when you stay in Japan and Dalara Dara

Because it seems likely, I would like you to change course or disappear if possible

Although it is alright, it probably will not be so. . (; ‘∀ `)


Speaking of rain, a couple of guys in a rain pouring down a long time ago

I was moving very fast in the eaves of the building,

I was surprised to think that it was something ritual!


It was pretty disgusting movement so I was crowded,

I learned later that the identity is “otaku”. Lol


Recently it has become a major and something professional people,

I am carrying psyllium and doing something,

At that time I was not well-known, there was a weather called pouring down

It was terrible creepy! Lol


I have made a long story to the contrary,

I would like to go introduce the main theme of the theme again this time! !




【Tomi Momi】 Happy Holiday @ I tried to dance 【face】

“And tomo” and “Momochiru” sister’s videos!

The legs wearing black tights for both of you are dazzling! (゚ ∀ ゚)


This is a long time ago, but “Micha su”

It seems to have released videos that I tried to dance again recently ♪


I personally seems to be getting overweight so much ~

I thought, but actually it is not fat so much

It was kind of crazy because I was cute. Lol


It is quite a previous movie so picture quality is one now,

Young chisu is pretty cute ~ (* ‘▽ `*)




I wonder if there seems to be a lining of a skirt?

Up to this point there is no particular point of view yet …


When the dance is over, my younger sister will come close to me.



And boldly the doya face with the slender posture! !

I think that it is due to mind that a thin white object is visible in the back. .


It was a video introduction that a smiley sister tried dancing!

Well then let’s go! !





【Tomichasu】 awaming function sweat rash 【danced】

Sailor uniforms, hair hair Kurukuru, shudder, fierce Kawa! ! (゚ ∀ ゚)

And at the same time it is also very sharp! (* ‘▽ `*)


I feel that it is quite similar to Shokotan!


And it’s a crouching from the turn! I do not collect

Regrettably if the picture quality is a bit better. . .


I did not say anything like that! !

Let’s have fun with what we have now! (; ‘∀ `)


I will also show off your belly flies! !


I told you that there are 32 rooms in this room,

Some people worry that their stomachs get cold. . . Lol



I have moderate meat and I feel comfortable to hold

Just thinking of holding a finger while thinking it is impossible. Lol


Is it only me that I am afraid of the phrase “Dry heart sound ♪” of this song? Lol




This time it will be over with this! Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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