[Black tights] I tried sweet magic …

Hello, everyone who loves panchira!

Recently, rather than wanting to etch, the feeling that the skin touched

It is Kisuke of a manager who thinks it feels good. (^ ^)

This time, the girls who are doing costume cosplay at black tights Panchira

It is an introduction of a video.

Black tights Panchira, if you like me including

Is not it quite a lot?

I do not know why, but it is really good! (^ ^)

Well then!



【Nana】 I tried sweet magic [Taiwan]



Although it is a movie here, looking at the title,

Apparently it sounds like a girl in Taiwan.



Uniform-style costume with clear contrast between red and blue,

I have made the black tights even more prominent. (^ ^)




Because it jumps and turns quite swiftly,

He was clinging round! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

After all black tights is perfect for you! It is!






I will show you exactly on the second turn as well.

My daughter in Taiwan is a good service.

I hope you do your best to lose the daughter of a Japanese woman. Lol

let’s meet again. Goodbye! (^ ^)



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