She seems to have danced in the strong wind!


Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


No, the new air conditioner is the best!

When the air conditioner becomes new, I feel fresh air coming out (* ‘▽ `*)


I’m chilling cold to the extent I’ve been hot and stressed up to now! !


When there is nothing that has been common until now,

It is good to be able to reconfirm its merit (^ ^ ♪


Let’s go introducing animation! !




【Spilling boobs】 Buster! [Try dancing] Strong wind

When the title is strong winds it is a good movie! Lol


Do you know the girl’s daughter and title it? What?


Hey, this is a strong wind.

I will see many things ~

So click on them! What? Like? Lol


Perhaps thinking too much, but in this movie rather than being able to turn the skirt,

T – shirts stuck to the body perfectly become the highlight! (゚ ∀ ゚)





It was a wonderful sticky condition and tranquil swinging!

If you are still not sure please check it with videos! (^ ^)


The swing of the right girl is also wonderful,

I like the daughter of the left rather. (^ ^ ♪





【Shinomiya Kanon】 Love’s 2-4-11 【Try dancing】 【Wind】

The second one tried dancing my daughter’s solo dancing on the right with the above video.

Also, “wind” is included in the title. (^ ^)


But this mini skirt dress is erotic! (* ‘▽ `*)


If you thought it was erotic it would be just a matter that the comment field is a straightforward one.

I do not know your favorite · · · lol


Anyway it looks cute more than the first one. (^ ^ ♪

Lake Shinji is a delicious shrimp and eel, is not it? (* ‘▽ `*)



Unfortunately it seems I was wearing it most unpleasant.


But let’s say that clothes are erotic and smiley cute!

It is not really a beautiful woman, but this is something good. (* ‘▽ `*)


This time is over. Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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