I’m up skirt with a sense of security of Culottes skirt Knee High Sox Movie I tried dancing

Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


The temperature has fallen at a stretch here and the night is somewhat chilly!


It will be hot again anyway,

You must be careful not to lose physical condition due to sudden temperature change.


The administrator always disappears while talking about it. (; ‘∀ `)


This time is …

I think that I would like to do my best despite the idea. Lol


Let’s go introducing animation! !



【Potetopa】 WAVEFILE tried to dance♪

“Potetopa” is a three-person dancing video.

The daughter in the middle is really cute. (^ ^ ♪


If you look carefully, this one video is connecting one that is dancing ~

At first I did not notice at all. (; ‘∀ `)


Did not it have time? . Lol


And it is going well with knee high! (* ‘▽ `*)

I feel like I’m hitting a stopper, but whichever it is OK! (^ ^)




It is a white panchira from the culottes type! !


For everyone in the good school who is better for a moment

Is not it a pretty good movie! What? ! What?









Like the choreography of “at your speed” of “SPL∞ASH”

Once it gathers in the direction opposite to the turn and then rotates it will turn better than us! (^ ^ ♪


The texture of the skirt is also soft, but as it is

It seemed like the weight of the fabric was also good. (^ ^)


Thanks for the meal! ! Lol

Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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