【Gcolle】 Furima’s glossy boobs sales person is erotic! 【Opposing tits breast world VOL.4】

Hello everyone, this is Kisuke of the manager.


This time continued from the last time Maestro’s work,


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“Japanese title” めくるめく胸チラの世界 VOL.4


I will introduce you! (^ ^)


With a few works focusing on “good things”

I am picking you up! (^ ^ ♪



It is still Furima hen

The last three people in the above picture seems to be somehow model,

I shoot while hitting a light, so it glows.

(Well all members are models.) Haha)

Because it is a free time, the screen is also very bright,

Pretty cute boastful sansan and everyone under the sunshine

It will show off my nipples,

We have a daughter recommended by Kisuke this time too! It is! (^ ^ ♪

That daughter is this girl! It is!



I am looking great! It is!

Freima sellers are often come with rough clothes,

It can be said that it is a very delicious scene! Lol


めくるめく胸チラの世界 VOL.4 Click here for details


If I get drunk it is a child that will make me fuck. (^ ^ ♪

It is very easy to imagine situations when you turn into Okazu! Lol

Damn, breast open too much! (; ‘∀ `)

And please look! It is!

This sun is full of lightening! It is! (^ ^)



This girl’s tits are pulp of shiny,

It’s really fascinating, is not it ~ (* ‘▽ `*)

In the movie, healthy boobs illuminated by the sun,

You can see for a long time in a full-blown state ♪

When pulling out, I can not be distracted by time! Lol

By the way, Kikusui hit the nipple with the sun’s light,

In the scene where the eyes are shining

I pulled out many times! (; ‘∀ `)



Even if I do not plan to do this,

It is a good daughter of a service that will do up skirt after this. Lol

I have skin of shiny skin! (* ‘▽ `*

This was sold for 700 yen.


めくるめく胸チラの世界 VOL.4 Click here for details




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