【Gcolle】 Zoom in on the breast of the clothing shop clothes! 【Opposing Breast World VOL.9】

Hello everyone, this is Kisuke of the manager.

The video to introduce this time is here!


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“Jpanese title” めくるめく胸チラの世界 VOL.9


This breast chira target is an elegant in a department store

Clerk at the apparel shop! (* ‘▽ `*)

This time especially there are many pretty daughters,

I wonder which child to unplug! Lol

As long as I kept losing a long time, I was satisfied somewhat,

It may end without pulling out after all. (; ‘∀ `)

Have not you experienced such a thing as well?

What what?

“You are the only one!”

I’m sorry for this! (; ‘∀ `)

Well then, introduce a video.



No, everyone is beautiful! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

Even just a still picture is a moderate destructive power. Lol

After all the apparel store clerk has many cute children ☆

Among them, I will introduce Kisuke ‘s favorite! (^ ^ ♪



It is a girl drifting a little luxurious.

I am wearing clothes whose chest is roughly empty! It is!

This is dangerous! Thinking and peeking, lol


めくるめく胸チラの世界 VOL.9Click here for details


Ah as expected! Lol

But this girl is pretty big tits! (* ‘▽ `*)

You can see everything clearly in the video! (^ ^ ♪

Until you put your hands from above and no longer resist,

I want to rub massage! (* ‘▽ `*)

I was allowed to try on boots many times over and over,

It is taken every time it is being touched.

I guess you will not buy the last after all. . .

It was entwined for a long time by an uncle Kimoi,

Variously being done,

I thought that boobs were taken until the boobs …

Too poor thing! It is! Lol

It was Kisuke who pulls out while thinking. Lol



Besides, my older sister is also tall and she is only a child of Kisuke

Although I can attach various troublesome orders,

When seeing that we are hospitalizing without having a bad face,

Kikusui’s heart is tickled! (* ‘▽ `*)

When I was wearing clothes with so much breast open ,,,



Here! After all it was filmed! It is! Lol

This older sister is tall and it is slightly milky (estimated B)

Bra is not in Kapacapa but in my chest. (^ ^)

So just spectacular ♪ ♪

I am pretty nipple. (* ‘▽ `*)

Besides this, there are many cute shop clerk style models,

Koshiaki was also a very satisfying one! (* ‘▽ `*)

This work was sold for 700 yen.


めくるめく胸チラの世界 VOL.9 Click here for details



Then, ☆ good movie life was ☆ assistance. (^ ^)



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