A movie that I tried to dance with a thin clothing that made me feel spring.

“Mako” is a movie of “Mako” chan dancing from “mako lam” channel.

While posting pace modestly, it continues to post videos I tried dancing now,

It is a valuable dancer (^ ^)

It seems I’m dancing in “Away” before “Goodbye” of “AAA”.

Three more years have passed if I thought that this was quite a recent song.

Really is the earliest month and day passed (゚ Д ゚;)


【Mako】 AAA – I tried dancing before the goodbye 【Valentine ♡】

As you can see in the comments section, it seems that taste seems to be a bit pretty

Style is okay, clothes of knit-like material are fluent, so I will notice my eyes unexpectedly (゜ o °)

Because Mouton boots looks odorless, I do not like it much. .

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